Much of what we do in life involves some aspect of acting and confidence is key.

Confident people are attractive

- and acting confident is a skill you can develop.

So you are an actor or model. You spend your time and money going to auditions and castings and each time you leave the casting director's office you run through what you did in the audition. You know you could have done better. Suddenly your head is full of ideas of how you could have - no, how you should have done it. Maybe what's lacking isn't skill or training. Maybe what you need is more confidence.

Kathleen can show you how to prepare for auditions and casting calls. How to improve your presentation. How to build a character and keep your acting fresh and real.

If you're going to do it, do it now! Be Confident, Act Confident.

When you prepare properly you can overcome your jitters. You'll build a strong performance that fits the script perfectly AND gets you noticed.

Wouldn't you like to walk into the room knowing that you are going to knock their socks off? Knowing that you have done the work, that you have the skills, that you know the script and you will give the best performance you possibly can?

Maybe you're not an actor, but you have an important presentation or interview to prepare for and you realise you can't do it on your own. Many of us are thrown into uncomfortable situations where it's difficult to be confident.

In the workshop environment you get to meet people who face the challenges you face each day, and dealing with the stress of a public speaking role is just the same as acting in front of an audience. There is a limit of six people maximum per workshop, so you're sure of personal attention.

In her weekend workshops, Kathleen meets many people from different walks of life who all feel that they can do better. She finds out what they know about acting and public speaking, who they are and what their objectives are and she gives personal advice on what you can do to be better at what you do.

With years of experience as an actress and public speaker Kathleen knows what it takes to build real confidence. You'll be given a couple of easy exercises and activities you can do every day to boost your confidence, improve your acting, make you feel better and live better.

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14 October 2017

12h00 pm to 17h00 pm


Fee: R980

Please book early - limited to

six people per session.



Kathleen Andersen


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