Kathleen Andersen offers private lessons on acting and television presenting and at times she may offer special rates to help actors prepare for specific auditions.

Kathleen doesn't only have a wealth of experience. She is also funny. What I found most startling is that she teaches with a deep compassion and understanding that comes from a full and sometimes difficult life. Let me just warn you: she doesn't shy away from challenging laziness and self-indulgence.

We often find ourselves drawn to well-known personalities but let's face it, meeting someone you know from TV can be a little intimidating. Kathleen welcomes you into her teaching space. From the moment I met her I was struck by her interest in me as an actor and a human being. She asked about my past experience on stage and in my life. We covered a lot of technical and theoretical knowledge and Kathleen explained her approach to acting. We spoke about the importance of good posture, exercise and constant learning.

Kathleen is one of those rare teachers that are difficult to find: the kind of teacher that adapts to her students. She'll find out what you know so that she can build on that. She'll find out who you are so that she can help you be better.

Teaches Acting and Presenting Kathleen Andersen


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