Kathleen Andersen – The Acting Coach

Kathleen Andersen

Acting, Public Speaking and Confidence Coaching

I teach actors, models, business people, and the like, to speak and/or act with confidence. Benefit from my 30 years of experience as an actress and find out how you can take control of those nerves and get great results.


I teach privately and cover the basics of drama (body, voice, mind, and emotion) in a non-threatening casual environment. We workshop fairly quickly, remembering that everyone learns at a different pace.
If Film and/or Television is your passion and you do your homework. I will get you working as soon as possible. Bearing in mind all my students are different and progress at various rates. Some suck it up like a sponge others struggle a bit, we all have different strengths and weaknesses, which is why one on one lessons will always be my preferred method of teaching.

Public Speaking

Do you have a speech you have to do?  Are you afraid of speaking in public? I teach privately and host workshops. We cover confidence building, elocution, non-verbal communication, fear, and more, which are essential for successful public speaking.

Confidence Coaching

Do you suffer from a lack of self-esteem, shyness, limiting beliefs, and fear? Let me help you overcome this with my years of experience as an actress and teacher. I will take you out of your shell and comfort zone and guide you along to your desired goal. Sessions are one-on-one in a safe and non-threatening environment.


Let’s Reach Your Dream Together!

Services offered

Kathleen Andersen is a versatile actress who has a natural comedic style and tremendous positive energy. She approaches each role with compassion and an understanding of human nature. The sheer number of television commercials she has appeared in bear testament to her ability to change her appearance and performance to suit the production.

As a drama teacher and actress, she has committed herself to learning and developing on a continuous basis, always striving for a natural and interesting performance that will draw the audience in and help them connect with the characters she portrays.

She has suffered many difficult times and these have made her more compassionate and even more driven to succeed. Kathleen has spoken at schools and offers motivational speaking, Her weekend workshops on confidence building and audition preparation are well attended and always get positive responses.” – Dirk Jonker, former student

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